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Nigeria's Senate bomb Buhari in court on Onnogen

Nigerian Senate has appealed to the Supreme Court on suspending the Supreme Court.
The council, which decided to reside on January 29, suspended the case because of its allegations.
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A statement by the Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Senate, Yusuph Olaniyonu, reported on the site of the Twitter Senate's Office, that the case had been filed in the Supreme Court.
They are seeking a court that has told them whether President Buhari has the intention to remove Mr. Onnoghen.
The statement stated that the scheduled session was held on Tuesday because the opportunity to remove the Assembly would be done.
Meanwhile, my case before the court has been abolished because the case is not discussed when he is in court.
The Nigerian governor and Buhari have made a series of bombings from Nigeria and abroad, where the lawyers are divorced, some of whom are blamed for criticism.
The presidential palace has been blamed for the unsettled US-British allegations, saying he would not accept foreign trade.

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