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North Korea breaks nuclear deal'

'North Korea breaks nuclear deal'

A special US ambassador to North Korea has visited Pyongyang to organize the second round of talks between President Donald Trump and his counterpart Kim Jong-un.
The visit comes after a report issued by the United Nations that North Korea continues to sanction its economic sanctions, sanctions imposed on nuclear weapons.
The report says the United States has already provided its required supplies in a country that is illegal, and that does not mean United Nations sanctions are not working.
President Donald Trump praised North Korea for a significant improvement in the development of nuclear weapons.
These words are coming exactly as he plans to meet Kim Jong-un in the coming weeks.
But the UN report says the plans for nuclear weapons in the Arewar have continued to grow, according to the BBC's report.
Something to worry about in the case is the report that the US sanctions imposed on the country to urge her to change the policy has not been effective.
Observers say that there has been a growing increase in energy such as boosting the use of ships and stepping-stones to prevent the catch.
They also claim to have a clear indication of the fact that energy has been invested about $ 6 million in the country.
The report also accused North Korea of ​​adopting some legislative measures that prevented the purchase of arms and arms for armed groups and other governments in the Middle East and in Africa.

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